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Take 2: Draft Governance of Britain – Constitutional Renewal Bill March 27, 2008

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Westminster…

By the time it passed, the “Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act” was no longer a bill to abolish Parliament, thanks to a load of changes made during the parliamentary process. However, we aren’t safe yet. They are at it again, it seems.

The “Draft Governance of Britain – Constitutional Renewal Bill” has started going through the process, and some of the old abolition of parliament language is back. Part 6 appears to include the old language allowing minsters to “amend, repeal or revoke” any Act, without full debate in Parliament, once again. The “super-affirmative” procedure required to make such changes under the LRRA has disappeared, apparently.

We’ve not had time yet to do a full analysis of the implications of this new bill, but Spy Blog has a pretty good writeup in the meantime.