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House of Lords July 5, 2006

Posted by Phil in Politics.

As SpyBlog reports, the House of Lords has been debated the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill. We are not exactly certain yet as to what amendments have been tabled or made but it does appear as though the Labour lord at the forefront has tabled for clause 3 to be removed with allows the implementation of law commission recommendations with or without changes – one of our primary concerns.

This could be a sign that the Government is attempting to make the much needed changes to make this bill safe.


1. Alison - July 5, 2006

The House of Lords is clearly putting their mind to the problems involved – and good for them, both as to the debates on it and as to their tabling amendments.

Let us hope that by listening to our and their concerns the Government sees its way to making this a good and useful bill rather than a severely damaging one.

2. Stuart - July 14, 2006

The ministers have tried to push this Bill through knowing that it is a direct attack on the fundamental principle of consent that lies at the base of our democracy.
If the Bill is passed we will no longer be living in a democracy governed by consent, we are being asked, our representatives are being asked, to give our acquiesence to give up the right to question what the Government does. When I first read this Bill I was reminded very strongly of the Enabling Act by which the Nazis came to full power in Germany in the last century.
I don’t believe that this can ever be a good and useful bill, it is flawed in its conception. Only utter rejection of it will do.

3. James Maskell - August 30, 2006

After having a look at the LRRB after the Lords have looked at it most recently, I still think its an absolutely disgraceful Bill. Why arent the Conservatives standing up for Parliament and democracy in condemning this Bill?

4. Kenny - August 30, 2006

No updates for a while – where’s the bill at just now?

5. James - September 12, 2006

@Kenny. It is in the commitee stage of the House of Lords. This is a useful site to check legislative progress:


The House of Command and House of Lords are in recess until October 9th. Check back then and I am sure there will be futher news to report.

6. James - October 25, 2006

The House of Lords are going to provide a report on the bill tomorrow, sometime during the day (starts 11am). This is the last stage before the bill is considered for Royal Assent. I do not know quite what they are going to make of it, so it should be interesting to see.


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