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The Set of Amendments May 15, 2006

Posted by Julian Todd in Politics.

The debate for the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill will commence at 2:30, and can be watched on Parliament TV

It will begin with a 45 minutes discussion of the timetable for the debate, after which there may be a vote, and the timetable presented by the government at the start of the 45 minutes will be passed.

I've been shown the hurried new set of amendments by former Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong, which has been incorporated into the current hugely complex running order of amendments. Without this document, little of what goes on will make sense. It uses up a lot of paper. I have printed out the current version of the Bill in its Enabling Act form.

Most curiously, all the amendments that were formerly propsed by Jim Murphy now have Armstrong's name on them. There must be a whole other room in Parliament where this gets sorted out, which we don't see the transcripts from.

Most interesting is her motion NC26, which says: "An order under this Part may not make provision amending or repealing any provision of (a) this Part; or (b) the Human Rights Act 1998".

This bears a great deal of similarity to NC3 and several others, as well as being pretty similar to New Clause 7 that was rejected by the Standing Committee on 9 March.

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