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Final Dates Set for Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill May 5, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

Provisional business of the House of Commons for the week beginning 15th May has been set, including the final stages for the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

From TheyWorkForYou.com:

Monday 15 May — Progress on remaining stages of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

Tuesday 16 May — Conclusion of remaining stages of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.



1. jax - May 8, 2006

Does anyone other than me think that this thing is still being rushed through?

2. Adam - May 9, 2006

I do, so yes.

3. Bill - May 10, 2006

And I also would like to wholeheartedly concur with my honourable friend .

You can understand why when you consider the sheer number of laws and regulations this administration consider necessary. This is still a debate reducing rubber-stamping Bill after all.

Ultimately, a written constitution is the only thing that will stop sucessive Prime Ministers and administration from getting carried away with the sort of sneaky abuse that the LLRB represents.

Consider the Lily, then consider this, perhaps:


4. James - May 12, 2006

I have found, after sending my concerns to my MP, that the cabinet have release another set of amendments, which seem to prevent orders which self-modify or affect the Human Rights Act. This does not of course mean that other Acts are exempt.

In any event this seem to have been just caught in time, to help it pass more smoothly through the Lords. It is a bad bill in any case
(or a succession of bad bills if you look in to previous efforts to reform red tape)

This sort of politics is sneaky and evil.


5. Colin McGhee - May 12, 2006

Removing red tape is only a lying facade used to present this evil bill. The true purpose is the continued erosion of democratic processes, individual freedoms and citizens rights, and the empowerment of government ministers with tools that will allow them to control the population at whim whilst neutering Parlaiment.

All this is perceived as necessary because we are coming into a little-understood global resource crisis of the 21st century called “The End Of Oil”, where present socio-economic waste and ecologiocal destruction will rapidly prove unsustainable. Expect food and petrol rationing, the £5 litre of petrol and a collapse of the technological card house we have built over the last 100 years based on cheap gas, oil and electricity, and a Police State.

6. Watching Them, Watching Us - May 12, 2006

Who will be the Cabinet Office Minister who forces this Bill through the Commons, now that Jim Murphy has been re-shuffled ?

It will either be Hilary Armstrong, the former Government Chief Whip, or Hazel Blears.

7. Fluffy Economist - May 13, 2006

Also Ed Miliband as Parliamentary Secretary.

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