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Save Parliament Exceeds 3,000 Supporters April 24, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

As we await the Government's next move on the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill our grass roots campaign has moved past the 3,000 supporter mark.

The bill has now made it's way onto national television and is recieving increasing media coverage, both nationally and locally. The efforts of our supporters have garnered increasing awareness and pushed us to this great milestone of which we should be very proud.

This news should also send a message to the Government – that they have to listen to the recommendations of the relevant committees and to the concerns of the Save Parliament Campaign – which they have so far branded as "hysterical" –  and make serious changes to the bill if they wish it to make it's way into law.


1. Mandy Worrall - April 29, 2006

The Magna Carta inspired the USA and was our saving grace. The British public held our parliament and rights self evident. It is not up to any foreign power to confer rights we already have upon us – the model democracy that all others have sought to emulate. It is not for us to allow our hard won democracy to be stolen by a thief in the night. Will our democracy become the Atlantis of the modern world and sink without trace while Europe towers above us all? WIll it only remain in our hearts and not be upon our lips, said loud with pride?
Will we be made ashamed of our nationality, our culture our freedom and instead beggar ourselfs for sops from Europes table?

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