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Second Save Parliament Bulletin April 4, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

And what a good one it was too! Just wanted to share the following resources the bulletin mentioned… good stuff!

There is a great set of articles in the March issue of The Politician. You can get a PDF download of the whole issue if you sign up on their website (for free). It's well worth a read!

The Observer had a good leader article on Sunday, which called the Bill's safeguards "absurdly inadequate". I'd have to agree with them there!

Also, the LRRB is making ripples abroad as well. This is a piece on a news site in New Zealand, pointing out that if this kind of Bill gets through here, then countries with systems based on ours might go the same way. The writeup is about halfway down the page, in the "Abolition of Parliament" section.

The mailing list is now up to around 1,200 subscribers from just 150 last week which is a great achievement and just shows how much interest the campaign is generating. If you haven't signed up yet, you should do.
What can I do?

  • You can write to your MP, telling him/her you disapprove of the bill.
  • Tell your friends about the bill and this site.
  • Distribute leaflets around your school/college, place of work or even in your local town.

Save Parliament


1. Janine Sachs - April 16, 2006

Great Website – thank you for info. Is there a good template ‘letter to M.P.’ that could be posted up? Reckon it would be v. useful. I know it’s more efective if it’s personal but there would be alot more written if if was just a ‘click’ away.

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