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Save Parliament! March 13, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

Save Parliament
I've had a nice e-mail of a guy who has set up Save Parliament!, a website also dedicated to the "Abolition of Parliament Bill".

It's got some great summary info on it which I recommend anyone take a look at.

What can I do?

  • You can write to your MP, telling him/her you disapprove of the bill.
  • Tell your friends about the bill and this site.
  • Distribute leaflets around your school/college, place of work or even in your local town.


1. Helen - March 13, 2006

Are you aware of any sort of planned protest? If not, I’d say it would be a very good idea. Perhaps you and/or the person behind SP could organise it? I know I’d be willing to take to the streets.

2. Spy Blog - March 14, 2006

UK political bloggers do seem to have noticed the awful Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

Unlike , for example the dreadful Civil Contingencies Act 2004, or even the current Terrorism Bill 2005, UK political bloggers, some of the media and the Opposition do actually seem to be concerned with the controversial Legislative and Regulatory Refo…

3. Matt - March 15, 2006

Oh dear God we are living in a dictatorship!

4. Alexandra Serebriakoff - March 22, 2006

I’ve just heard about this, and OMG is this for real? i can’t believe this is happening. Labour has lost my vote! And hopefully all the guys at my sixth forms’ too. Could someone give me some more details or advise for an assembly to them next week. how can i make this issue real to teenagers?

5. Sandra Cully - March 26, 2006

This ‘Dictatorship’ is not why I voted Labour, but I will not be voting for them again, I can’t believe what a mess they have made of this country, they don’t seem to be aware of the damage they have done or will be doing if they go ahead with this bill.
This is one straw too far.
Where and when is the protest by the people against this proposed bill.

6. Richard Hancock - March 27, 2006

This unbelievable Bill must not be amended to make it marginally less noxious (which is probably what the Government intends to offer by way of concession). It must be totally and utterly rejected.

I do not understand how the Government even has the nerve to dream about giving itself such power, let alone introduce legislation for that purpose, thinly disguised as a way of deregulating business.

7. Alastair - March 29, 2006

I agree this bill is completely shocking, almost unbelievable when you consider the potential implications which may be why there hasnt been more press about it (well, that and the boredom factor caused by the title). I only heard about it through an email from a friend and I was so disturbed by it I sent emails to my whole address book.
I also wrote to my MP and I’m glad to say I got a very quick reply (from Celia Barlow, Lab, Hove) which pretty much supported my concerns, aside from a few sentances about the benefits to business of Labour she agreed with most that I was saying. However I am definitely worried that the bill will just be marginally amended rather than scrapped, which could still potentially give ministers huge powers.

8. Alastair - March 29, 2006

… and I agree, there should be a protest against this.

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