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Press Release March 11, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

Blair Hides Bill as Government Seize More Power

Concerned groups coming together across the country to oppose reduction of parliament’s power

March 10, 2006 – The government is currently pushing through a Bill that fundamentally changes democracy in this country, under an innocuous name: the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.

The Bill, currently before Parliament, which has received its second reading and is in Standing Committee A at the time of writing. Some are calling this the “Abolition of Parliament Bill”, with good reason.

This Bill proposes to give ministers unprecedented power in modern Parliamentary democracy. It enables them to sidestep Parliament and instate, amend, or repeal any Act of Parliament without a full Parliamentary debate or vote. Such a measure could see a Euro constitution adopted without parliamentary consent, or ID cards introduced in the face of opposition.

Several attempts by MPs to try and introduce measures to make it more accountable have been rejected by the government. Similarly, measures to make the Bill accountable and more compatible with the Human Rights Act have been similarly ignored.

The Bill is intended to cut red tape and could make savings of over £1 billion by 2010, but the potential for abuse by this, or subsequent Governments is huge, due to the lack of accountability and security checks.

Many people are now deeply worried by the lack of attention this Bill has received, both from the media, and from MPs.

More information is available from the Campaign Against the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill web site at https://bill111.wordpress.com

For more information contact:

Phil Peter at the Campaign Against the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
Email: againstbill111@googlemail.com
Web: https://bill111.wordpress.com



1. Guy - March 13, 2006

A saving of over one, billion, pounds in 2011*? But Dr Evil, No,2 is expanding recognised public spending (not counting the off-balance-sheet finance that Demon Eyes, Inc, specialises in) by over £30 billion a year.

[* Give me thriftiness oh Lord; but not yet!]

2. BridgetB - March 14, 2006

Right so in an effort to save money (huh?) they are going to destroy the system of government intended to defend rights and prevent tyranny? Not that that didnt happen anyway. You may as well revert to monarchism for all the good 1 billion dollars will do.

What a frickin deal!

England you were the mother of Liberty.

And now you wil destory yourself. It is sad. But your daughter, the USA, is not far behind. Even sadder.

I will cry for you for I fear your end is near and that means my own country’s.

Long Live Lady Liberty

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