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Online Response to the Bill March 10, 2006

Posted by bill111 in Politics.

I've just come across this great summary of the bill and it's workings through the select committee, courtesy of Bloggerheads.

What can I do?

  • You can write to your MP, telling him/her you disapprove of the bill.
  • Tell your friends about the bill and this site.
  • Distribute leaflets around your school/college, place of work or even in your local town.

Save Parliament



1. Murky.org - March 11, 2006

The Cabinet Office writes on the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

Baroness Amos’ office forwarded my letter onto the Cabinet Office. They have written to me with this reply. It really does need a response. I have a few ideas, but any comments would be gratefully received. Better Regulation Executive 6th…

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